Online Media

Today web design is considered more than just prepare a website. Our Team supports the client from the sketch until the launch of a corporate Website. We offer professional Layouts as agreed with the client and an adapted design (responsive, compatibility with different browsers, SEO).

• Websites
• Microsites
• Webshops
• Portale
• Screendesign for Social Media
• Newsletter
• Programming
• Content-Management-Systems (CMS)

Corporate- & Print-Design

A good corporate design consists of many pieces: proper and coherent uses of shape and picture language are as important as your Logo, your colour or your typography. All these elements combined create your nature of your company.

• Illustration
• Creating Logos
• Typography
• Business stationery
• Communications design
• Booklets, flyer, folder, catalogues
• Styleguides
• Advertisement
• Exhibition design


A permanent monitoring and care of the design is very important. After all, all of your product should link harmonically and transmit your corporate identity. That’s why we will be there supporting you after the launch of the project!

• Image editing
• Set - & final drawing
• Quality check
• Print support
• Website - & data-support


"A picture is worth a thousand words"- but a good product attracts with a symbiosis of both. A text should provide the reader with more specific information about the product, and call attention. An optimized text for your target audience is the essential bit for an advertising message.

• Advertising text
• Claims & slogans
• Newsletter text
• Website text
• Public Relations